Mark is my AC guy from now own. This first hot day of the year my AC quit cooling. I called one of the big guys who took a quick look at it and told me it would cost $4320 to fix. Of course, he would recommend investing in a new unit instead of spending the money.
I called Mark for a second opinion. He showed up that same day, listened to what I told him and quickly got to work. Thirty-minutes later I had cold air again. He fixed the leak, filled it up with coolant (the expensive part) checked for leaks and cleaned up. He charged me for the service call, 30 minutes of labor and the coolant, only $800 again, mostly coolant.
I had texted someone to ask if they had an AC guy. They never responded. I have texted them back saying "I have an AC guy. Let me know if you need his number."
Thanks Mark!

Shawn Grimes

Timely arrival. Noticed the problem with my furnace almost immediately, where others had misdiagnosed. Completed the job timely. Thank you M & B.

Jerome Ivy

When we bought our house in October, we had issues with keeping it warm in the winter and then as the heat rolled in, the central air wouldn't keep the place cool. After a week of 80-85 degree temps in the house, we contacted our warranty company 2-10 HBW (don't recommend!). After two different contractors who ignored all phone calls and emails, one of which took our deductible!, we were going 5 weeks of having no central air in the house. On the 4th of July, the house hit 91 degrees and we could not stay here for the safety of our family and pets. I called 2-10 HBW and they refused to do anything but assign a new dispatcher. Little did I know that M&B Heating & Air Conditioning would be a savior. It was assigned to the company at 8:30pm on Thursday the 5th. Friday the 6th at 11am we spoke on the phone and they said they'd be out Saturday the 7th around 10am. At 9:30am on the 7th, he called saying he was done with his other job early and would be right over. 20 minutes later, our house is already noticeably cooler. Apparently the other idiot who took our deductible rewired incorrectly, claiming the compressor was broken, when in reality it was just the wrong way it was wired shutting off the breaker.

M&B Heating & Air Conditioning is amazing and if anything else goes wrong, I'm not going anywhere near my home warranty and calling these folks directly! Highly, Highly recommend!

Lexy Halpen

The short conversation we had over the phone was instrumental to the repair of my ac unit! Very knowledgeable about air conditioning systems and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him for the most complicated repairs.

Vincent V

Provided an honest assessment of what needed to be done at a good price. Have used their services a couple times and always on time and do great work. Would highly recommend.

Amy Simon

Called my home warranty provider with a furnace issue and was forwarded to M&B. Called them on Sunday night, heard back on Monday morning, and Marlon came out and fixed everything that afternoon. He showed me how the systems worked and did not give me any sales pitch. Definitely recommend!

Alan Morales